Behind the Art with Felecia

Happy Thursday, everyone! I'm super excited to share my second Soft and Strong project with you today. 

I've been obsessively watching the Dove Choose Beautiful commercial. I've been wondering which door I would really choose in the moment...Would I really choose "beautiful"? or would I choose "average"?

There is no doubt that I'm a woman who is curvy. I've never had the ballet dancer body - though I've certainly tried. 

Coming to grips with the body I have versus the body the magazines say I should have has been a journey to be sure.

Certainly, my body is "soft" aka not straight.

But my exploration about this soft body really revealed that at my core I'm strong...I'm strong physically, emotionally, mentally. I understand discipline, organization, fortitude, and honor.

I loved playing with layers for this project...layering rounded corners and scalloped edges and jewels. The design is an unfolding, like the journaling.  

The scalloped gold pieces are punched from the Pebbles kraft pockets. I didn't really want to hide my journaling, but I LOVE the glitter on those tags...so I cut the glittery part off, punched it with my scallop punch and made some little edges. 

I also made use of one of the journal cards by cutting the edges off to use a borders and cutting the "tag" shape out to use as a background for my title. 

One thing I love about the Pebbles paper is the intact, unadulterated edge they put on one side. I included it as an edge down the left side of the paper, rather than cutting it off to use elsewhere. The message on it is wonderful!

While it is certainly true that my body is more Leave It To Beaver than How I Met Your Mother, more traditional than modern, I am perfectly ok with that. I have grown to love how I'm made - inside and out. 

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Jen

Hi friends!  I am here to share another of my pages from the April Inside Out "Soft & Strong" kit. This was the first page I created with the kit.  I just knew what I wanted to say and the papers I wanted to dig into!  That paper with the text was just itching to be used!  It is hard to accept yourself rather than compare your faults with other's "perfection".  We all do it.  We all look at others and feel inadequate about something or another.  But the thing is... only you can change that. Being happy with yourself and not comparing yourself to others is hard.  It's a constant struggle but I think I'm in a place where I like who I am and don't have to look at younger women and feel bad that my body isn't as young and perky as theirs. I have had children, I have experiences that young women might not have. My body has been through so much.  I have achieved goals and worked hard for my confidence. 

The Crafter's Workshop mask was perfect to add some details that keep me creating "sketched" looking images.   I used a black pen and white pen to create a hand drawn look to the page.  It looks as if I just freely drew them but I love that I can use the mask as a starting point and make it my own!  I also circled some of the sequins to create a little more of the sketchy look.  
 I used a die cutter to create the title out of the pink cardstock.  Some cute banners also add to the embellishments and create a push-pull effect.
 Even though it's hard to not compare yourself, you are worth so much and have done so many amazing things!  Remind yourself that you are strong and an original!  Listing all of your accomplishments and creating goals for yourself help to center our thinking. 
 You are strong and beautiful!  Your softness is your own... mine is due to changes in my body and my love for my family.  I am happy with myself and keep pushing myself forward with goals and challenges.  What helps you to feel centered and bring you around to realizing what a unique person you are rather than wanting to be like everyone else?


Behind the Art with Melissa

Living in a developing country really does broaden one's world view. Back when I lived in Guatemala, I had the amazing experience of volunteering at an orphanage. I thought maybe I would bless the kiddos and staff by providing my knowledge and ability to care for children.

Boy, was I in for a surprise. Instead of me changing or influencing them, I was the one who was inspired and amazed. These kiddos that have grown up with so much less than me, monetarily, have so much more than I did, resilience and spirit. I was moved by that. No parents - for whatever reason. No TV. No electronics. Soccer balls were cherished. Handmade bracelets were loved until worn out. Hugs were tight and genuine.

When it comes to our kits theme of Soft & Strong, I knew I wanted to record my thoughts from this time at the orphanage. 

I wanted to use lots of contrasting elements to exude the two words Soft and Strong. Black and gray and blues and reds. I divided the page to create a "balance" of sorts. This gives the feeling that Soft and Strong are equal. You need both. And I learned that it's possible to be both.

I threw in some of the sparkly gold to represent how invaluable this whole experience was and how it affected me. This will forever be embedded into my soul and I hope to continue remembering those children when I live out my daily life. 


Behind the Art with Stacey

We are in the second week of April and I am here to share more inspiration from the Soft & Strong kit.  I loved the idea of this theme and knew I had some great pictures of my daughter and husband.  Talk about soft & strong. 

I wanted the page to be a mix of soft colors and strong patterns.  I decided to combine lots of patterns on one page to accomplish this.

The gray represents my husband and the pink is my daughter.  I love the & and wanted to use it on the page.  I used the gold alphabet letters to spell out soft, strong and put that card to good use. 
I love this artisan shape from a journaling card in the kit and decided it would add a bold touch and a place to add my title.  I wrote the here on pink cardstock and cut it out.  It is a little piece of me on the page.  I believe I have everything right here in my home. 
I used hidden journaling mainly because I was using heavily patterned paper and because the kraft pockets in the kit are beyond cute.  I chose this one because the gold is diva, quite like my daughter!  I journaled about my family, my son included.  He isn't in the picture but he represent my sense.  He is logical and has thoughts about how to lead a simple life.
They are my soft and strong and everything in between.



Behind the Art with Felecia

Hello, amazing artists!!! I'm here to share my first project from the Inside Out's Soft and Strong Kit

The juxtaposition of Soft and Strong brought all sorts of things to my mind...but first and foremost, I thought about my mouth. I thought about how my mouth can deliver kisses or yelling, how I can be gentle or harsh, how powerful my words can be in delivering kindness or hardness. 

I think I need constant reminding to speak softly.

Perhaps its a condition of living in this world today where softness isn't always considered a virtue for a woman.

Perhaps its the life I've lead, the protection I feel I need to provide myself.

Perhaps its fear...

But whatever the reason, I need to remember to begin with kind words and a soft voice, to be gentle and soft. 

The Guava Gelato from Faber Castell is such a gorgeous soft color...I wanted to mix up softness with straight lines and hard angles. 

So, I just freely colored my pattern on the white cardstock and then went over it with a wet brush. The Pebbles Living Petals paper is a great contrast Pebbles Lets Visit provide both a border and a layer under the photo.

And...of course...who could resist a bit of shine and glitz...the gold sequins are SO my favorite thing ever!!!  And to finish it off, the glitter letters from LAST month's kit...If you didn't get it, you really should!

I really love the one color, plus black and white, and some metallic as a scheme for this idea of speaking softly. It reminds me that no matter how hard things might be, I can still be strong enough to be gentle.

Peace, ya'll!

Behind the Art with Stacey

It is not too late to order an April kit and explore your soft and strong sides!  I thought a lot about these concepts and what they meant to my life.  My strong often impacts my soft, overshadowing it in a way. 

I don't let my emotions come through very often.  My passion for the things that matter and my will are sometimes a bit overwhelming to others. I can get overly focused, not to mention moody at times.  My soft is in there but just doesn't take center stage too often.

And then these two were born.  My soft has been inching its way out for a while now.  On top of that, I want them to know the best me.  So I let my soft out even more.  I want to be the reason someone smiles today.  I loved that thought so it became a major elements on my page.

I used the gold foil 3 because the kids and Steve are my reasons for trying to be the best me.  It is great to be strong, but I want a nice balance.  I repeated the theme of triangles all around the page to match the idea of three.

I was honest when I told the story.  I can take my mood out on others some times and it is not an attractive quality.  I sometimes felt stuck within my self, knowing I wanted to be softer.  Then I had a concrete reason. 


Behind the Art with Jen

 This is not me in this photo... but a friend took this photo of a young dancer and it made me think of the theme this month "Soft & Strong"... I look at this photo and see a strong but very feminine figure.  It made me think of what makes us uniquely female.   The capacity to love, care for, and empathy towards others. BUT we are strong too in so many ways... giving birth, raising children (you know that is not easy!), relationships, and overcoming difficult situations.  Whether it's something horrible that has happened to you, work related struggles (perhaps in a man-dominated work environment), relationship issues, or violence, we cope and can be so strong when we need to be or others need us to be.

For this page, I wanted to create a beautiful background.  I used the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Design Memory Craft Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color  in Guava on a craft mat with water added.  It made a puddle of color.  I placed the white cardstock face down on the puddle and kept repeating until I covered what part I wanted.

 After drying with a heat gun, I placed the Crafter's Workshop feather mask over part of the page.  I sprayed with the Fireworks Sweet Plum spray from our Energy Kit a few months back.  I removed the mask and used it to trace another feather over the dried area.  I used a Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Essential PITT Artist Pen in black to add some details and sketchy look to it. 
 I also did the journaling with the same pen! 
 I had cut some banner pieces for another of my pages for this month and had these leftover triangles.  I used them throughout the page.

 I like the contrast between the papers, patterns, and soft colors.  It reflects the feel of the page and my sentiments for this month's kit!  I will be back next week to share another page from this month's Inside Out Visual Journaling kit!