Behind the Art with Felecia

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself in the darkness to hang  your own twinkle lights...

This Webster's pages Stargazing paper from the Happy collection really made me want to be IN it...under the twinkle lights, the hanging mason jars, in a beautiful blue sky...

it just so happens that the Shine kits layouts were being done in a time that wasn't feeling all that bright and beautiful for me. 

So, the idea of being under the twinkling lights in my moments of being overwhelmed and feeling like I was never going to reach the end of my challenge seemed really appealing. 

I just knew I wanted to use this paper to do a project without really doing much to the paper. 

I found a journaling card with three more little jars, so I gave them some dimension

And a few fireflies...

I added some Stickles to the twinkle lights and voila...

My own peaceful starry night...

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Jen

Hi friends!  The Shine kit has so many fun embellishments and colors in it to show your memories, feelings and beautiful self!  I love this page that I designed for this kit.  It's one of my favs and it's stupidly simple to recreate!  I just loved the papers in this kit so I wanted to use a bunch on one page...
 Using a paper cutter, I cut several wedges from corner to corner and arranged them on the page to radiate outward from the center.  I glued them down and trimmed the edges.
I journaled along the edges of the rays and added some of those sparkly embellishments. 

 Now the fun part!  I used some of my Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Luxe Texture Gem pens to create scribbly circles around my photo.  Once dry, I did the same with the pen in the kit.  Fun texture and focal point!
 This page represents all of those things that have become obstacles in my life and how I've overcome each and every one!  I'm proud of who I am at 40 and still have a lot to work on but the focus has become about balancing my health (both physical, spiritual and mental) and my family.  I used to sacrifice my health and needs for my family's (and still do sometimes) but a healthy mommy/ wife, is a happy one!  I am so much happier when I can exercise, eat right, and do something that makes me happy daily (artwork, going out with a friend once in a while, relaxing with a book...).  Taking time to shine up my radiance from the inside out is what it's about!


Behind the Art with Stacey

Last page of the month and I am tackling a serious topic.  I created a page to help my daughter shine her own individual light.  I have come to the realization that girl drama starts really young.  Females seem to approach life a bit differently.  There may be a search for approval from others.  I wanted to make a page that communicated a message to my daughter.

I used a picture of Ella and me because I have recently experienced a situation like this.  I don't think it goes away even when you are in your forties.  You just understand it better and can make sound decisions about the friendships you choose to put energy into.  I then used bold black and white graphics to contrast the softer colors on the page.  I hand cut those elements from the Webster's Pages journaling cards. 
I used the icon of a camera.  I want her to spend time taking those snapshots of life that are important.  That support who she is and what she loves, fully and unconditionally.  I also used the butterfly because each one is unique.  I want her to be her true self and not seek approval from those people who she just doesn't match with.  Again, I am speaking to myself as much as to her.
This will be a hard lesson for her to learn.  She will experience heartache with it.  I know friends come and go, some are with you for a long time before it is over.  The end of a friendship is heartbreaking.  The building of the wrong one wears you down.  If I can help her understand a little of what I have learned, then maybe she will make strong choices about the friends she decides to build her life around.  The most important thing is to find those who love you for you, warts and all.


Behind the Art with Guest Designer Devra

Hi everyone,

Guest Artist Devra here with my last page using the July kit Shine.

I have learned that I feel good, that I shine my brightest personality when it’s warm out and I can surround myself with some of my favorite things, or go to my favorite places. I have also learned, when I can’t do this, I need to find alternatives, and not get stuck in a rut of negativity. I need to focus on looking forward to them again when spring returns.

First, I arranged the photos into a loose grid. I had decided I would fill in with pieces of papers and other embellishments. I reached for items that help enhance my feelings of happiness and love of the summer season. Again, I fussy cut some sayings out of the papers. I love the pink background paper with the subtle sayings. I chose other papers that complement the pink as well as lean towards summer, such as the lemons.

Thank you so much for letting me join you all this month. It has been a true honor.

You can keep up with more of my creating by visiting my blog: My Creative View


Behind the Art with Felecia

As you read this, I will be on the west coast, soaking up the sunshine and participating in a long planned reunion of some of my old music friends.

I am so excited for the opportunity to get to sing with the folks who were really my first foray into singing the way I dreamed - as a rock singer.

Singing is something that always made me feel like shooting star - even if it was in the dingy rehearsal room at the back of a old building in a little old suburb San Bernardino, CA. 

Something else that has always made me feel like bright and amazing is being weird.

I don't know that I necessarily flew my weird proudly most of my life...I've always KNOWN I was not quite like the other kids...

And I've been fairly comfortable with that most of my life...

But in all honesty, being my own unique self is something I've gotten happier to put out there more recently...I've gotten braver about being authentically weird and geeky.

I sort of stumbled upon Andrea Balt in my internet browsing...Pinterest click here, link click there, and suddenly I'm on a site about art and writing and glorious shining creative weird vulnerability...and I was in love. 

She inspires me to shed the expectations of others and really drill into who I was made to be. Its awesome.

I found this poem on her site and I'm perilously in love with it. 

What if...what if truely being a shining light, a city on a hill, a lamp to others means embracing that nothing is wrong with me. RADICAL.

Absolutely loved finding a pic that was "weird" for this one...and setting it up on the gorgeous Bokeh paper was just perfect for the theme. 

I did a few different things with this layout. Firstly, I used the tear off portions of the paper for border strips on the bottom. Love using up the little bits.

I did a letter / die cut title mix up. That's not my usual style, but these letters are so amazing...and I had to use the gold transparent "beautiful." 

Finally, I used pieces of the packaging in the layers...it fit the color scheme so beautifully, and the shape fit what I wanted, so in it went!!

I sort of embraced the things that my design brain said "no don't do that" to...and it worked out in such a great way!

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Jen

Hi, artist friends... I'm here to share another page from this month's "Shine" kit!  I love this page and was inspired by all the triangles and circles in this kit.  Lots of bling here!  This photo is of me and three of my workout girls... we have a group that runs, trains, and laughs together.  I love their glow, their energy and wit!  Each is unique but together we push each other to be better people and train harder.  Working out with them makes exercise fun!

 I cut triangles from the patterned paper to mimic the triangles in the overlay tag and paper.  This photo is from our first 5K race together.  Love these girls!
 It's always good times with them and they push me harder and keep me motivated.

 This page makes me smile and so do these ladies!  Keep on shining on...
Who makes you smile and shine?


Behind the Art with Melissa

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

I am here, sharing with you another page created with the beautiful SHINE kit.

If there is one thing about my personality that I embrace, it's the optimistic side of me. I can always see the glass half full. I'm constantly seeing the good in people and I have a positive perspective on almost every situation.

I think, because of this characteristic, I truly enjoy brightening someone elses day. If I have a friend who is feeling blue or if someone is exuding negative juju... I love challenging that...

Lemme bring a little sunSHINE into your life.

I was immediately drawn to the lemons in this kit. Of course, the quote "when life gives you lemons... you make.." everybody say it!!! "LEMONADE!" And then, you drink it and enjoy it. YUM! This quote is a favorite of mine, for obvious reasons, and I wanted to figure out a way to utilize it on a page.

Then, I found that quote. "Be Someone's Sunshine When Their Skies Are Grey." 

And then we all started to sing... you are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

Bringing the two together and utilizing the citrus-y colors from the kit, I teamed it together with a special photo of me. That photo is me wearing some pink for a dear friend who was battling breast cancer. It was an honor to be on her team. It felt empowering and I loved being there to support my friend during a "grey" time in her life. 

The good news? The cancer is gone! Woooo! 

Being a positive light in someone's life is so encouraging... for both parties. I know I always feel joyful and have a lightness in my step. It's a beautiful thing to be that sunSHINE.

So, SHINE ON! Be someone's sunshine on their grey day. It can make all the difference.