Behind the Art with Heather: Celebrate Life

It's Heather here with another layout for this month! 

First, I want to give you the behind-the-scenes story about these photos I used on this layout. My sister curled my hair one night (she loves doing hair) and so I wanted her to take some photos of it so I could see what it looked like. It ended up I turned on some music and was dancing around between posing silly for pictures. I guess since I am normally behind the camera taking the photos, I like having someone else take photos of just me! So these were some really fun photos that I got. I actually printed 8 photos to use on this page. And when I was putting it all together, I was like, "Whoa! Too much Heather!" So I narrowed it down to 5 pics. ;)

Looking at this month's Pinterest board inspired me to create a really fun and airy layout about celebrating life and all the great things that make life fun. The "Celebrate" kit this month fit exactly the mood that I was wanting to convey. Very bright and spring-y colors and fun little elements to add in. Plus my photos were perfect for a page like this. Photos are key in making meaningful layouts! 

My journaling reads, "Life is pretty amazing… lately I have been learning to celebrate the little things in life. Can you say 'dance party'?"

Life is to be celebrated. The little things in life. Like flowers. And bike rides. And nice weather. And cupcakes. I could go on and on… I think it's important to document our little reasons for celebration! 

Probably my favorite symbolism I used on this page was the awesome bicycle die cut I got in my kit. I immediately thought of "life is a journey" and of course, you can take a little trip on a bike if you'd like! So I thought that would be super fun to include on this layout. I fussy-cut out the flowers from the "You're Invited" paper from the Party Time line from Webster's Pages and added them to the top left and bottom right sections of the layout because, well, flowers represent LIFE! So I thought that would fit perfectly on a page about celebrating LIFE! And of course I used some stars too as symbols of celebration.

So there it is! Page #3 of the month! Be sure to join me next Thursday for my last behind-the-art for this month! :)


Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone!

Today I'm sharing with you a layout that embraces the women in my life that I can always count on. The TRUE friends. The ones that I would invite to my birthday parties for the rest of my life. 

I used a photo for this layout from a birthday dinner that has been a favorite night... a favorite memory... one that still makes me smile and want to relive it. It was a night with women I respect, admire, would do anything for and I gosh darn hope it's reciprocated. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to call them up or take them up on an invite to hand out. 

The "glamper" paper from our kit reminded me of a camping trip with girlfriends. Naturally, this was the paper I was gravitated towards for recording a page with this photo. And I wanted this page to sparkle as much as possible!  Lots of sequins and I used some of the brighter colors from the kit too.

The reason I used the staples on this layout are two-fold. The first reason is for practicality sake. I needed a way to keep the metal embellishments down on the paper and I didn't really want to have the "glue-bleed" look underneath. The second reason is because I like how stapling can symbolize permanence... commitment... togetherness. And that's what I wanted to exude on this page. 

I love these wood pennant embellishments too! The symbolism I grabbed from these was permanence and celebration. Wood has that wonderful symbolic nature of stability and grounded-ness. I also love the pennant shape. 

Arrows give direction for our eyes. They point us in the direction we need or should go. I wanted to direct the attention to the goofiness of the photo. 

Fussy cutting! I love the words on this sign post. I love how they show that no matter what direction you take, fun will ensue! And that is how I feel about this group of ladies. No matter where we go, what we do, stage of life, etc... we'll find ways to have fun, smile and laugh. 

Here's to more fabulous birthday celebrations with these fabulous women!


Behind the Art with Stacey

I love that Rachel provides journaling prompts each month to go with each kit.  I really use them as a springboard for ideas.  One of the prompts really made me think about something that I am celebrating that maybe no one is aware of.

Here is what I came up with!

I decided to tell the story about how I found my way back to church.  My kiddos have entered CCD so we have started attending Mass as a family.  I discovered how much it means to me.

I incorporated a lot of symbolic images to this page.  I kept it really simple with some bold elements.  I thought the clouds were just the perfect touch with the idea of church.  I decided to create the large sun, simply hand cutting a decorative circle from the Webster's paper.  I wanted it to appear as though the sun is coming out from cloudier days.  I added the sequins to represent the light.

I used the wood scroll as a base for my title.  I like how it is a banner, with an announcement.  I told my story, focusing on the positive.  It is a page that I am happy to have created!


Behind the Art with Heather

It's Heather here again with a page I made with the April "Celebrate" kit. 

If you can't tell on the photo, I made a huge confetti pocket on my page. If you want to know how to make the pocket, I'm discussing that on my personal blog today. _____insert link________ I love the fact that I used, like, every single piece of paper from the kit in the confetti pieces. If you know me, you know I love using lots of patterns on my layouts! 

I started out with this prompt from SFTIO.

Let Loose: What’s your favorite way to blow off steam and have a really good time? If you could celebrate anywhere and with anyone, where would you go and with whom would you be? And what would you do – Vegas or Home? Most importantly, what would you FEEL LIKE if you could have that perfect celebration – loved, peaceful, excited, overjoyed? Design Twist: Huge title word that describes feeling of the perfect celebration

I loved the thought of documenting the perfect birthday. I live about 12 hours from all of my close friends. I have never celebrated my birthday with them. Sure I have partied with friends from school through the years, but it's just not the same. The past couple of years, I have become really close to the friends in the photo on my layout. I SO wish that I could celebrate my birthday with them! I know we would have a BLAST! Hey… I'm turning 20 this year. Maybe this year would be a good time! :) 

My journaling reads: 
"I have never celebrated my birthday with my close friends. Since we live far from them, it's basically impossible to be with them on my actual birthday. I would LOVE to spend my birthday with Mecia, Kelsey, Katelyn, and MarLeah. It would be even better if we could celebrate somewhere like San Fran or NYC, but I'd even go from partying at home. Maybe someday!"

I don't think we would all get together in a big city, honestly. We probably couldn't agree on where to go. LOL But just staying at home and having a sleepover sounds AMAZING to me! Crossing my fingers that this will happen soon. :)

I used the title "Special" to show that I would feel so special and honored if my friends would celebrate with me on my birthday. Like I've said, I never have celebrated with them so I know it'd be great. And I'm sure they'd make me feel special. 

As for symbolism-- I used confetti to symbolize partying (woo hoo!), I used the wood veneer flower piece to show some femininity, and the little metal heart paperclip-type embellishment to say that I love my friends! I also used the little die cut that says "contagious laughter" because when you're with friends, you know you laugh a lot! 

Thanks for joining me for another Behind the Art segment! 


Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone!

This month we are CELEBRATING at Inside Out and the kit contents we have are so perfect for symbolizing that thought. I wanted to begin the month by sharing with you a layout I created celebrating something exciting in my own personal life.

If you are a sports fan, you can relate with me, I'm sure! The content might seem "surface-y" but, I'm a firm believer in celebrating EVERY celebratory moment of our life. :)

I've been a long time Seattle Seahawks fan so, you can imagine my joy this year. (That's if you keep up with American Football and the Super Bowl... my team WON!)

I can't even tell you how exciting and thrilling it was to watch my beloved team win. It's been a VERY long time coming and I felt proud to be a Washington Native. Not to mention... a TRUE Seahawks Fan. 

Have you ever experienced something like this? It may not have been YOU that won the game. You were not the one actively participating or even a coach. But, somehow, you felt the emotions deep within. I think that a lot of comes from a sense of community. It also comes from a deep connection we have with where we are from, how we identify ourselves and what we are passionate about. 

With this layout I pulled colors that went well with the Seahawks colors of blue and green. Easy peasy. :) I used the wood veneers, that are available to our new subscribers, and sprinkled them around my layout - confetti style. 

This is TOTALLY OUT OF MY ELEMENT. I like things tidy. Simple. Clean. But, I knew I wanted this layout to ooooooooze with happiness and celebration. 

I did some fussy cutting (out my element again) and cut out the pom pom banner from one of the papers by Websters Pages. 

The pops of pink stars help with the celebration and giving a little oomph to the overall design.

I guess the moral of the story with this page could be that we should never give up hope. Always believe. And then celebrate like nobodies business when the goal is accomplished. 


Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy April!  This month we are celebrating!  I loved this theme and found many ideas to go along with the super fun kit contents.  When I started brainstorming all the things I have to celebrate in life, my husband came to mind.  The idea to scrap about him was particularly inspired by the Love You to the Moon cutout.  Just swoon.

The cutout was the number one element for this page.  I wanted it to be front and center.  I also grabbed the I'll Be Yours circular tag because it really fit my theme.  I really wanted to bring in some color so I used the top, curved portion of the banner paper from Jillibean Soup.  I cut along the banner to make it interesting.

I started to layer the cutout and decided to use the Kraft polaroid frame.  It all seemed a bit structured so I started cutting some circles from a sheet of the paper.  Then I layered a big and small.  It kinda reminded me of planets in a solar system.  A happy accident that really happened to fit!

To fit the idea of moons and planets, I incorporated some stars.  I love when a good theme comes together!  I even used the words stars in my storytelling.  I encourage you to play around with the elements in the kit, finding images that are symbolic!


Behind the Art with Heather

Yay! It's April! I'm so looking forward to spring and some nice weather… and also sharing my projects I made with this month's kit entitled "Celebrate."

So without further adieu, here is my favorite project I made this month: an art journaling page.

Making art pages is so much fun. So liberating. There's just something about using some paint and getting messy that is different from just scrapbooking. 

I loved using the arrow template from the Crafter's Workshop (included in the kit) to watercolor the background of my page. I thought the white spaces between the arrows looked too white, so I used a small paint brush and the Tumbled Glass distress paint (also included in the kit) to paint in-between the arrows.

I used the stars and sequins from the kit to signify shining your light. Being yourself. Plus I think stars are little symbols of celebration in themselves, so that works too. ;) And did you notice the lines I wrote my quote on? They're not straight. They're wavy. I did that to signify that life may be up and down, but you are still YOU. You can still be the fabulous you that you are. That bright colors I used also reflect happiness. 

This month I used our Pinterest board to inspire a couple of my projects. If you haven't before, check out our boards. We have a board for every kit! I personally think this month's is extra inspiring. ;)

I loved this quote from Dr. Seuss. 

I mean, what's better than celebrating YOU?! Celebrating you and your accomplishments and your whole being! I think it's a pretty cool concept myself. :) This quote just screamed out to me, "Celebrate YOU!" Be happy with yourself and how you are. Don't worry about others. I've heard it said that happiness starts with yourself. Be determined that you will love yourself! 

The world needs YOU. 100% you. Be YOU. Celebrate YOU. 

Alright. You've had your pep talk. Have a great day! :)