Behind the Art with Felecia

I am SO in love with this new Inner Child Kit from Inside Out.  Its absolutely in my sweet spot - both colors and theme....

My first project is a picture-less paper piecing project.

I tried very hard to find a photo of my grandparents farm - a place I spent many a summer day as a child. This is a place of very powerful and very happy memories of my childhood...and something my inner child clings to tightly.

There are lots of things I remember, but the most prominent memory is the red barn. Since I couldn't find a decent pic, I hand cut my own...

I used the  beautiful blue pen to loosely color some blue sky and built the barn on top in layers. In my mind the sky was always blue blue blue and the barn was always big. 

Sometimes its cathartic to hand cut and hand piece an image. There is not a straight line on this project...and I like it that way. I let my inner child have a little fun just cutting and pasting...seriously a very freeing process!

My inner child remembers the sweetness of summer. Now, I'm more of a spring / autumn girl these days, but I remember summer tasting and feeling so amazing.

When my imagination runs to that place, its larger than life and hits a note in my heart that can't be reached any other way...

Peace, ya'll!


More Pages from our Guest Designer: Jana Maiwald-McCarthy

Hi everyone,

Normally our guest artist would have posts every Friday during the month but, mailing overseas can be a little tricky. Better late than never is my motto! So, without further ado, here are the last two gorgeous pages, with a little "Behind the Art" info, by our talented Guest Artist, Jana Maiwald-McCarthy.


From Jana: "On this layout you can see me at the end of 2006, after 18 months I found a new love! the beginning was not as easy as i thought! i was very suspicious... but we made it! We got married in December 2008 and "our" child was born in October 2009... this layout made me smile! I had fun creating it!

I love how Jana showcases how our dreams can end in a completely different way. Still beautiful but, not always taking the route we had envisioned. I love that she has found her happy and was able to celebrate that through her page.


From Jana:  This layout sums up my life together! I am a creative person from head to toe. I love to make art in every kind of mood. It helps me to get out of sad times and it makes me even happier in happy times! The stencil in this kit was perfect for a layout like this! No photo needed, right?!

Jana is living her creative dream! Are you? 


Behind the Art with Felecia

I've got one final layout to share from the Inside Out Live Your Dream kit. 

This time, I addressed a dream I only get to indulge in once in a while, but that I hope to indulge in more as time goes on - the beach.


Its not for everyone - I get that. Some people are mountain people and some people are desert people and some people are city people. But I love the sand and the sound of water in waves and the smell of salt in the air. 

I pray to one day have a house on the water, where I can just throw open the windows and listen to the waves.

The Pinkfresh Studio paper is just awesome..I love this line!

I tried out my new layering technique again and really liked how the papers all stacked up to make some dimension.

Once again, the letters included in the kit are the PERFECT size and shape, but didn't pop for my layout...so I colored them with a teal pen and got just what I was looking for. 

I ended by splattering a little gold mist and adding some washi from my stash to make "waves" and "sand".

This one dream I hope to be living more sooner rather than later!!!

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Jen

Hi Artsy friends!  Do you always use a photo on your pages?  For this one, I didn't. I used a picture from the kit.  It was more about the journey or process for this page.  I started with the white paper and knew I needed to get some color on there!  I started with some Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gold Texture Luxe brushed on the right hand side.  I then used the marker to color on a non-stick mat and added water to create a puddle.  I pressed the paper onto the puddle and allowed it to go where it was pressed. Serendipity!
 I loved the papers and wanted to create layers of shapes. So, I cut 3 pieces using Cricut's Close to My Heart Artbooking cartridge.  I chose different sizes for each layer.  When layered,they create different levels of shapes and positive/negative space relationships. I tucked the little card in there to connect the idea of the journey (or process).
 I never knew that I would crave exercise. Actually, I avoided it.  Sweat, sore muscles, and time were my excuses.  I just didn't know how much I needed it.  Once I got passed the difficult start, I was hooked.  I need it everyday!  Now, my dream includes setting fitness goals and breaking through them. I've run up to 6 miles and my speed is faster than I thought I'd ever go!  My body is changing in a positive way and my mind is clear and focused when I run. It's not just about goals, it's about being healthy and getting what my body needs.

 Who would have thought that I'd be doing this 2 years ago.  I started this journey a year from March and I have achieved more than I thought I could.  I am setting new goals, however scary they are (can you say 1/2 Marathon?) and I will achieve them!  I am confident now that I can!

 What dreams do you have that you set but really didn't know if you could achieve them?  How do you feel when you do achieve them? It's amazing what achieve a goal does for your self-confidence and mind!


Behind the Art with Melissa

Hello everyone,

I would like to be your living testament to what it's like to make your dream reality. Is there something burning deep inside of you that you've wanted to do? Perhaps you've caught yourself daydreaming about a certain possibility and just haven't taken the next step.

Well ladies (and gents if you're out there), I'd like to push you off the cliff of daydreams and longings. Just go for it! Don't let fear stop you. Don't let others voices of negativity hold you back. You know yourself better than anybody and if you've got a dream that just isn't leaving you alone then you best be trusting that gut and following through.

I am living proof that doing so is the most exhilarating and character growing action one can make. 

Well yeah Melissa, you say, but what if I do that and it all falls flat. 

Then it does.

What, you say, are you serious? My life will be over!

No it won't.

Whatever lady, you say.

Listen, let me tell you a little bit more about my perspective with this - life is too short to not take that first step. 

Will it always end up exactly how you envisioned it? Nope. 
Are you going to get some scraps and bruises along the way? Quite possibly.

But, the beautiful part of it is that you will gain confidence. You will become stronger. You've got to choose that, though. It's all a matter of how you choose to handle it!

For me? I finally learned to grow. Sure my dreams may have not lived up to my expectations. Sure, I may have been ready to give up almost as quickly as I put them into motion. Sure, I had people tell me I was crazy or not giving it enough thought. But, you know what gosh darnit? I tried and learned and grew as a woman. And that's a pretty beautiful thing!

I love this kit Live Your Dream. 

LIVE YOUR DREAM. Live it! Don't just imagine it. Freaking live it woman! You totally can.

I loved this photo I found with the feet next to the cliff. How scary, right? Have you ever gone cliff jumping? It's so scary but, the adrenaline and feelings of conquering something huge are sooooo much bigger than the fear. That few seconds of fear dissolve so fast after the jump is complete. 

Can you think of any dreams you want to set in motion? Grab a kit, use our prompts and imagery to record those dreams. But, don't just leave it on the page.

Go out and make it your reality!


Behind the Art with Stacey

When I think about dreams and love, it makes me smile.  I found that one.  It happened a bit later in life, but I believe it happened when I was ready.  What should I have been ready for, you ask?  Knowing what real life love looks like.  It is not all bubbles and sunshine, roses and fancy dates.  Love is moving through life together, holding on through thick and thin.

I made a page to document my love.

I went with this sheet of Pink Fresh paper right from the kit.  I rarely use a sheet of paper as is, but this one fit perfectly.  I decided to embellish it up and add in some accents.

I added some words to the multiple Loves along the right hand side of the paper.  I like how it personalized the page.  I also hand cut the large heart from a journaling card and layered it on the photo.

I scrapped from my heart about what parts of a dream love I am most grateful for.  It makes me happy.


Guest Contributing Artist: Jana Maiwald-McCarthy

Hello and happy Friday everyone!

I am so happy to introduce you to our guest artist Jana Maiwald-McCarthy. We are a little late bringing you her beautiful pages thanks to the ever amazing international mailing system. But, I am a firm believer in "better late than never" because her pages are surely going to inspire you!

She is sharing some Behind the Art with two of her pages using the August kit Live Your Dream.

Here is what Jana shares about this page:
"i was on a girls trip back in april. as a mom of 3 it´s pure luxury to have a weekend off! the photo shows me infront of a big mirror in the 5 stars hotel! this weekend filled me with happiness! i really enjoyed the process of this layout... the journaling is nearly the same i told you right now"
How many of us have dreamed of a weekend away? Jana did a beautiful job capturing a moment that was very meaningful and luxurious for her. 

Here is what Jana shares about this page:
"when i was 25 yrs old my world stopped for a while! my husband left me... and i was alone with 2 (very young) kids! i believed in us, in him... but i failed! false dreams, false paths! it took me a few months (10 to be serious) to get back into my "normal" life! the process of the layout was not so easy, i felt the pain i felt 10 yrs ago... i cried! but i am happy this happened... i am a better me, a stronger me!"
This powerful page is such a beautiful way to express your inner world. Your deep, heart emotion. Those difficult moments in life can be hard to go back to but, oh so healing after a good creative journaling session.

You can see more of Jana's work via her blog and Instagram.

Next Friday we will share her other two pages created with the August Live Your Dream kit.