Behind the Art with Felecia

The more I worked through the ideas and concepts that came up with the word THRIVE, the more I had to ask myself if I really was, outside of my kids, really thriving. 

I decided NOT. 

Not to say that I don't have an amazing life - because I DO. Just that I seem to be running from task to task, checking things off the To Do list, existing rather than growing, learning changing.

I realize that change comes at a different pace for adults, but I still feel strongly that my life should perhaps have more of an impact and be less about the schedule and rules. 

Lots of circles on this one...It seems right, contained...like my day to day life really is. I wanted to investigate where my boundaries are, whether or not they are fuzzy, or hard, or too confining. Its sort of exciting to think about...

I wanted to make clear that I have a GOOD LIFE...by world standards, an EXCEPTIONAL life, but that the idea of THRIVING requires me to give more attention to what I'm doing, that I need to take myself off of autopilot. 

In retrospect, I know that we have seasons...this is something I had to keep in mind as I explored THRIVING. It may be that I"m in a season of rest...or that I've been complacent with my excellent life...or...that I simply needed somebody to get me to think about his word to begin again...

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Jen

 Hello friends!  Here's another one of my pages this month with the "Thrive" kit!  This one is a fun, high-contrast layout.  I recently went to the New York State Fair and visited the butterfly exhibit.  It was amazing!  They were everywhere and landed on me immediately.  It was so cool!  I could have stayed in there for the whole day.  In the middle of this crazy crowded fair, these little beauties were thriving and a little piece of calm.
This paper with all the words on a black background was screaming for me to use it but it was very bold and so I used a bit of gesso and some of the Distress Paint to tone it down a bit where the journaling and photos were to go.
 Lots of words and fun phrase stickers made this just so perfect for all my thoughts about this day. It was magical and oh so amazing!
 You can see the fun little sewn details I added with my machine.  I also love those stars, faces, and epoxy gems.  They add the perfect celebratory touch!

Throughout my visit to the butterfly exhibit I couldn't help but feel bad that they were enclosed in the space for our amusement and delight.  There was one butterfly that had a broken wing and was on the floor.  I thought it was dead but it moved.  I gently picked it up with the q-tip they gave us with nectar on it to attract the butterflies.  I place the butterfly on a plant and hoped it would get better but  I'm sure it had a limited time left.  Those beautiful creatures only stay with us for a short time. It was an honor to be landed on and enjoy their beauty for that short time.  They are meant to be free but it was so awesome to interact with them that day.


Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone!

Do you have a special place that you feel ALIVE while there?

That's how I feel when I'm near the water. And I'm really picky as to what kind of water. 

You see, something I learned when I was living in Chicago, was that I really love ocean water. I feel like the air is fresh and the sky sparkles.

I know. It sounds crazy. But, if you ask anyone that lives on the west coast, they will tell you that the sky does, indeed, sparkle over the ocean water. It's quite lovely. 

It never fails on days that I'm feeling down, after a walk along the bay, my spirits are lifted. Water soothes me. It makes me feel invigorated. Alive. Refreshed. Renewed. Ready to sprout new leaves. 

The symbolism I pulled for this page is rather literal. From the smiley face, to the leaf stencil and bright colors, I wanted to exude that feeling of HAPPY and the THRIVING.

The orange in my photo was nicely complemented by the colors in this kit. 

And let me tell you, the colors in our THRIVE kit are BRIGHT. and HAPPY. And drip with all kinds of symbolism when it comes to thriving and growing and blooming. Such a positive kit! I love it!

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And feel free to share, right here, where your happy place is. I'd love to hear!


Behind the Art with Stacey

When I am creating with a kit, I first start by reading the definition of the theme.  I look at several definitions, reading and rereading until the ideas start coming in.  I see flashes of faces or themes and take note.  Thriving must involve my husband and I.  Being married is hard work and staying together for the long haul requires connections.  I documented what has helped my husband and I thrive as a couple.

I love the large word cards in the kit and made the Love one a major focal point on my page.  Our Love Grows is the title.  I used the Cloud 9 tag and the Daily Stuff circle because a relationship is fostered on a daily basis.  I layered my photo with words and motifs that were meaningful.  Of course, I had to incorporate a heart.  I added the Can't Stop Laughing speech bubble because laughter is a major part of our dynamic.

We work to keep a connection, yet it is one of the most natural things.  This page represents how I want our relationship to continue to evolve over time.

In spite of daily challenges involving stress and busy schedules, marriages can thrive when you focus on the important things.


Behind the Art with Felecia.

THRIVE is a word they use all the time when assessing the health of children. 

I have two of them and they were born later in my life, so they are pretty much the lions-share of my life. 

I waited a long time to have kids, making certain for me that the things I wanted to do with life that couldn't easily accommodate kids were done.

But I discovered after having them that my years of discovering, experimenting, trying new things only began anew when they became part of our family. As I watched them learn to walk, talk, throw a baseball, write letters, try new foods - pretty much everything - it was as if I was learning these things for the first time too...

I'm totally in touch with the fact that I'm living some of my life vicariously through these two...that I get just as excited about a new movie or a cart-wheel accomplished as they do. 

So..as they TRIVE, so do I...

As with most of my layouts, I felt like the journaling was the most important part. But the colors in this kit are so amazing!!!  


The idea of thriving through my very rambunctious boys is somewhat busy and full of color and life...so I tried to give my project movement and color, a sense of the chaotic business of boys without detracting from my story. 

Its no joke that I really do love the photo this points to...its one of my favorites. we were playing on the floor in the front hall of our home...just hanging out and being together...my husband snapped the picture at just the right moment, because I was tickling those kids...and it came out to be just the right thing at just the right time.

I don't know if thriving in and of itself is something we can set out to accomplish purposefully or if its more like taking small steps to appropriately care for something  or some one. Its about love and attention...or food and water and shelter and clothing...or practice, practice, practice...the small things add up to thriving. 

Whatever it is, for these little humans in my life, when they thrive, I do also, in the most amazing, vicarious way.


Behind the Art with Jen

Hi artsy friends!  I am finally back to share a page from my Thrive kit!  I LOVED working with this theme and the papers from the kit are amazing!  I chose to create this particular page around an accomplishment.  I ran my 3rd 5K but this one was an obstacle race.  It was challenging, scary, and fun!  I didn't think I could do it all but I did!  I have trained for 7 months and keep surprising myself. My running is thriving with friends.  I love to run with a group because it doesn't seem so hard or scary when you are with others. 
 The name of the race was "Vino and the Beasts" as it was run in a local vineyard.  We ran along the road, through the vines and even around the outside of the property.  It was so fun!  Some of the obstacles were to climb over high ramps or crawl through mud.  I never thought I'd do that!  At the end we were rewarded with free wine tastings!  That was one of the best parts... the reward!

 For this page, I used some of the distress paints that we have gotten in previous kits to add more color.  The Crafter's Workshop mask was so cute!  I used it in two ways... with paint over it and as a stamp.
 Embellishing with the stickers and tags were perfect.  I added those inspirational quotes and words to bring my experience together.  Lots of laughs and celebrations!
 I already registered and formed my team for next year's race!  I know it won't seem so scary or intimidating then.  I have come a long way!
What have you done that you never thought you could do?  Is there something you have grown from that has changed how you think of yourself in a good way?


Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone!

So glad to be on the blog with you all today.

I'm sharing my first layout using the THRIVE kit. I loved this kit. The colors were so great to work with but, beyond that, it was really therapeutic to dig deep inside and explore what Thrive means to me.

Thrive reminds me what plants need to grow. How do they thrive and bloom? What are all those ingredients, that work together, to ensure that plant becomes all that it should be. For me, when I think about I thrive, I need a creative outlet. And I need people, because I'm an extrovert, to also participate in creatively outletting... ;)

I thought about all those times when I felt like wilting away because I was alone. Too much alone time can do that to an extrovert. And right when I thought I would curl up, it would be craft night with my friends! That is what really held me together while living in Chicago, too. Living in a big city can get really lonely. And so during these nights of crafting away with friends, I felt nourished.

I love the quirky symbolism of this kit! The bright colors and patterns were so fun to work with. Normally I try to do an "opposite" layout but, this time I just couldn't. It was fun to be able to celebrate on each layout! 

The ladies in that photo were my saving grace while in Chicago. There is a great story to go with how I met each one of those ladies and without them, I would have gone insane. It's so important to find those who share your passions and then make time to get together to fulfill those passions.

Thanks for swinging by today! Are you ready to join us? Kits are going fast so make sure you swing by our kit page today!